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ROTC Global missions exists to recruit and train soldiers for Christ
to serve in mission fields both domestic and internationally.

Why Missions?
What does God say about missions? In the 28th chapter of Matthew
Jesus instructed us in verse 19 to “… go and make disciples of all
nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and
of the Holy Spirit”. ROTC wants to focus on the commission to spread
the Word to ALL nations.

Serve God
The scriptures tell us that Jesus will come again when all men have
had an opportunity to hear God’s Word. How great and humbling a
responsibility it is that we can be the vessels the God uses to
accomplish this purpose. So can you take your Christian service to
another level? Would you like to be the hands and feet of Christ?
Then fellow Christian, take the plunge. Consider being a missionary
for Christ.

Experience God
On the mission field you get to experience God in a way you can
never imagine. When you are totally out of control of who you meet,
where you go, and are totally at God’s disposal to make “divine
appointments” for you, then you experience God in a way you may
never have before.

Take the plunge
So what is stopping you from making the plunge? Is it financial? Is it
fear of the unknown? ROTC would like to assist you to get beyond
the obstacles that the enemy places in our way, that stops us from
being used to advance the Gospel of Christ. With the support of
other ministries that are mission minded, such as Adventures In
Missions and Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, ROTC will train and
guide all interested participants to take the missions plunge. Get out
of the “traditional” mode of serving God and serve Him in a whole
new way.
Training soldiers for the
Christian mission field.
Restoring One To Christ Global Missions